Microsoft begins testing Exchange 12

by admin December 14, 2005 at 11:59 am

Microsoft said Wednesday that it has released the first test version of Exchange 12, the next iteration of its e-mail and calendar server software.

Among the new features Microsoft is touting are the ability to handle voicemail and faxes, improved manageability of the software for IT managers and a better Web-based mail client. As part of a push toward so-called unified messaging, Exchange users will also be able to use the telephone to access their e-mail and have it read to them by the computer.

This test version is being offered only to about 1,400 corporate customers, computer makers and others.

“We are on target to ship a second beta, probably in the middle of 2006, that will have additional features,” said senior product manager Megan Kidd.

The software maker originally hoped to have the final version of the software on the market next year, but has been saying in recent weeks that the product may not ship until early 2007.

Microsoft has also said the product will work only with servers powered by 64-bit processors, though most new servers are expected to use such chips by the time Exchange 12 ships.

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