Microsoft Canada leaks Vista pricing

by admin August 29, 2006 at 4:32 am

Microsoft on Monday briefly posted pricing for Windows Vista on its Canadian Web site, giving an eye into what the company will charge for the new operating system.

The posting indicates that the Home Basic edition of Windows Vista will be priced the same as Windows XP Home, at US$233 ($259 Canadian). The Home Premium version, which includes support for Media Centre and tablet PC abilities will sell for 13 percent higher rate, a price that translates to about US$269.

Microsoft quickly removed the price information, but blogger Ed Bott, who spotted the price list earlier on Monday, included it in a ZDNet posting. Bott cautioned that those trying to figure out US pricing would be better off comparing the Canadian Vista prices to their XP counterparts than to try and just convert to US dollars.

A Microsoft representative said the company “inadvertently posted Windows Vista Canadian retail prices” on its Web site but said it has removed the posting and is not ready to share US pricing information. The company said it would announce those prices when it ships the “Release Candidate 1” test version, due out by September.

On the business side, Microsoft listed Windows Vista Business at a price that equates to US$341, 7 percent less than what Microsoft charges in Canada for Windows XP Professional.

The company is still wrapping up development work on the oft-delayed Windows update, which will come more than five years after its predecessor, Windows XP. After issuing the near-final release candidate next month, the company hopes to finalise the code in November in time for a mainstream launch in January.

Full article: ZDNet Australia