Microsoft Opens its Digital Locker

by admin July 1, 2006 at 3:06 am

Microsoft introduced the Windows Marketplace Labs Web site, featuring a beta version of its digital locker technology that enables digital downloads of software from Microsoft and third-party vendors.

The digital locker is designed to offer more secure online buying and offer a single source for storing personal information, including their purchase history and licenses. All too often, people will lose or misplace their license key when they make an electronic purchase, said Yasha Kaykas-Wolff, user experience manager for Windows Marketplace Labs.

The digital locker will give consumers direct access to the sources from where they purchased the product as contact information, purchase information and the license information will all be stored in the digital locker.

Windows Marketplace Labs also offers a more secure and reliable download mechanism, since downloads may be interrupted when downloading software from e-commerce or software sales sites. It will provide a means for customers to burn a backup copy of their software to CD, and manuals will be handled by the vendor, either sold as a hardcopy and shipped through the mail or as a downloadable PDF.

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