Microsoft patches zero-day Windows Media flaw

by admin December 13, 2006 at 6:26 am

Microsoft on Tuesday released seven security updates with patches for 11 security vulnerabilities, most of which affect the Windows operating system.

The software maker originally planned to release only six security bulletins as part of its monthly patch cycle. However, it added a seventh to deliver a fix for two flaws that affect the Windows Media Format, including one zero-day bug, a company representative said in a statement.

Microsoft also provided a patch for a zero-day vulnerability that affects Visual Studio 2005 developer tools. This security hole was disclosed last month and, contrary to the Windows Media issue, has already been used in cyberattacks, the company said.

However, there were no fixes Tuesday for a pair of known flaws in Microsoft Word that are also being exploited in malicious software.

“While we see Microsoft making an attempt to patch zero-day vulnerabilities, they are still struggling to keep up with the continuous influx of zero-day attacks,” said Amol Sarwate, a research manager at vulnerability management company Qualys. “Microsoft is making a genuine effort. However, users are still exposed to attacks via the unpatched Word vulnerabilities.”

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