Microsoft Says Windows 7 “RTM” Builds Aren’t the Real Deal

by admin July 14, 2009 at 4:26 pm

Microsoft disputes that is RTM build has leaked

Over the weekend, Window 7 Ultimate edition 32 and 64 bit versions began popping up on torrents. Many in the internet community became all warm and fuzzy, sure that their “leaked” predictions that Windows 7 Release to Manufacturing would hit July 13 had come true. It was Build 7600, so it had to be the Release to Manufacturing build, right? Except, it wasn’t.

As DailyTech pointed out, a build number in the OS’s ID string was 16384 — and Windows Vista RTM’s string was 16386. So assuming they use the same build number for Windows 7, there’s still two compilations to go. Today Microsoft confirmed this theory, dispelling the rumors and stating that the “RTM” builds are fakes in a blog post.

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