Microsoft Sources Claim New Handheld Device is Coming

by admin May 17, 2009 at 6:56 pm

Device is not a Zune phone say the sources

Gaming is a huge business with many different game consoles and computer games selling as well as movies and other mainstream consumer technology products. Sony has offered its PSP for several years now and Nintendo has been very successful with its DS portable.

Microsoft has had its Xbox game console on the market for a long time, but has never ventured into the portable game console realm. According to sources cited by TeamXbox at Microsoft, a new Microsoft “digital entertainment handheld” is coming, though there are no specifics on a date.

The product is called the xYz internally at Microsoft according to multiple sources that spoke to TeamXbox on condition of anonymity. The xYz internal codename is an attempt to show that the device sits between the Zune and the Xbox platforms.

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