Microsoft to ease up on piracy check-ins

by admin June 10, 2006 at 12:56 pm

Microsoft is cutting the cord on its antipiracy tool.

The software maker this month plans to update the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications program so that it only checks in with Microsoft once every two weeks, instead of after each boot-up, a company representative said Friday. By year’s end, the tool will stop pinging Microsoft altogether, the representative said.

The changes come after a critic likened the antipiracy tool to spyware. He found that the program, designed to validate whether a copy of Windows has been legitimately acquired, checks in with Microsoft on a daily basis. Microsoft did not disclose in any of its documentation that the application would phone home.

Microsoft earlier this week had vowed to better disclose the actions of WGA Notifications. Now the company says it will gradually let go of the program once it is installed on Windows PCs.

“We are changing this feature to only check for a new settings file every 14 days,” Microsoft said in a statement on its Web site. “Also, this feature will be disabled when WGA Notifications launches worldwide later this year.”

Full story: ZDNet News