Microsoft tweaks Windows Vista security

by admin October 16, 2006 at 6:20 am

Redmond makes changes between RC1 and RC2 releases

Microsoft has tweaked the security settings of its forthcoming Windows Vista operating system, has learned.

Some security features in the latest Windows Vista Release Candidate 2 have been disabled, while others that were previously switched off have been activated, Marc Maiffret, chief technology officer at security vendor eEye, told

The security features are designed to prevent buffer overflow attacks triggered when an attacker attempts to store data beyond the boundaries of a fixed length buffer.

This can result in an application crash or, in some cases, allow an attacker to take control of a system.

Security settings that are too stringent, however, can prevent existing applications from functioning normally.

Microsoft has designed numerous security technologies for Windows Vista. Activating different combinations allows the software giant to strike a balance between application compatibility and optimal levels of security.

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