Microsoft uses adware model to pay for Zune HD apps

by admin September 18, 2009 at 2:10 pm

How can new competitors rival Apple’s existing library of 75,000 mobile apps and installed base of 50 million users? Microsoft’s approach with the Zune HD relies on overt adware, an approach Apple has deliberately avoided.

Rather than trying to seed third party developer interest organically, as Apple did when opening its iPhone App Store last summer, Microsoft’s Zune Marketplace plans to create its own mobile library in house, or in conjunction with select partners, an approach closer to Apple’s initial experiments with 5G iPod Games.

But instead of aiming toward building a store that encourages a wide variety of low priced software titles that can sell in high volume, Microsoft’s software strategy for the Zune HD banks on delivering free software titles supported by a heavy dose of uninterruptible advertising.

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