Microsoft vows to help victims of piracy

by admin May 18, 2006 at 1:45 pm

The software giant has shut down a trader in illegal software but claims it will not be prosecuting anyone who bought merchandise from him

Microsoft announced this week that it has forced a UK software dealer to cease trading following an investigation in conjunction with the police and trading standards.

In an out of court settlement, William Ling, proprietor of Oyster Computers, New Malden, Kingston-upon-Thames, agreed to pay Microsoft a substantial sum and has given an undertaking not to sell counterfeit software in the future.

Ling was first arrested by police in February 2003 and his premises searched following a tip-off. Documents seized at the time showed details of his ?Ǭ£3.5m trade in counterfeit and unlicensed software.

Michala Alexander, head of Microsoft’s anti-piracy programme in the UK, said that Ling’s activities will continued to be monitored in case he decides to try and sell unlicenced software again.

Full article: ZDNet UK