Microsoft’s anti-Mac pricing campaign takes to the web

by admin March 28, 2009 at 8:00 pm

In a new series of web ads, Microsoft portrays two slot machines, one ringing up a Mac with bits of garbage, and the other presenting a cheaper generic PC along with the Zune, Xbox 360, and other things buyers could get with the money they’d save with the PC.

The banner ads are part of Microsoft’s new ad campaign promoting cheap hardware, which includes new TV spots contrasting Macs with generic PCs entirely on price. There’s not much mention of why the generic PCs are so much cheaper than the Macs they are contrasted with, nor any mention of software expenses.

Microsoft hardware?

Microsoft’s new focus on cheap hardware prices is particularly interesting given the fact that the company has been unable to profitably market its own hardware devices outside of its Microsoft-branded keyboards and mice that it bundles with many new PCs as part of its Windows software licensing

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