Microsoft's Triple Play Beta Release

by admin May 24, 2006 at 4:16 am

SEATTLE ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú It’s official. Microsoft has released beta 2 of its Vista operating system, With its “Longhorn” Server system and Office 2007 all available, the release marks the first time Microsoft has had all three of its primary software products available for testing at the same time.

Speaking at the annual WinHec conference here, chairman and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, covered a range of technologies in his keynote address centered on Vista and the “ecosystem” of PCs, mobile computing devices and software.

“We see the PC changing,” said Gates, noting the advent of bigger screens, more mobile systems and “the relationship with telephony” via such applications as VoIP. He also touted the advent of 64-bit computing, and multi-core processors which provide a better platform for software innovation.

“We’re making a shift and a number of our products are only going to be 64-bit, like Exchange Server 2007,” said Gates. “We’re sending a clear message that 64-bit is here to say and will be pervasive.”

Although 64-bit processors are most widely found in servers today and newer desktop systems, Gates predicted that in the next three years all new desktop computers will be 64-bit as will most mobile systems.

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