Mikogo for Mac 1.0

by admin March 11, 2009 at 6:26 pm

Free Online Meetings with Mikogo now on Your Mac

Mikogo provides an easy-to-use, secure, cross-platform online meeting tool available for use on both Windows and Mac computers. And the cost? It’s free and available for both commercial and private users. Mikogo is a fast and secure solution suitable for anyone looking to organize online meetings and Web presentations, with many valuable features enhancing the user’s desktop sharing. Share your screen with up to 10 participants and conduct presentations in true color quality live over the Web, while still sitting at your desk. Available at anytime, anywhere and for everyone, Mikogo is a breeze for any user regardless of technical ability.

Mikogo eliminates the need to make on-site visits for tasks that can easily be achieved via screen sharing over the Internet. As Mikogo is free for everyone, it can be employed for a range of professional, academic, or personal uses.

With the new Mac version of Mikogo, users can start and join Mikogo meetings from the Mac computer and enjoy the following features:

 Ã‚· Screen Sharing: with up to 10 participants in real-time
 Ã‚· Switch Presenter: allow a participant to become presenter and share their screen
 Ã‚· Participant Pointer: participants can click in their viewer window to display their colored mouse cursor on the current presenter’s screen, aiding discussion and demonstrations.
 Ã‚· Pause Transmission: simply pause screen transmission and place the meeting on hold
 Ã‚· Copy/Paste/Email Meeting Info: quickly send you participants the required meeting info
 Ã‚· Voice Conferencing Service: If you require a conference calling service, feel free to use the provided Mikogo numbers. Participants call an appropriate number (based on location) and enter the current meeting ID. All participants will then be connected in a conference call.
 Ã‚· 256-Bit AES Encryption: All transmitted information during a meeting is encrypted via 256-Bit AES end-to-end encryption.
 Ã‚· Cross-Platform Functionality: both PC and Mac users can participate in Mikogo meetings, regardless of whether the meeting was started on a PC or Mac.

Download: Mikogo for Mac 1.0