miniTrezor 2.0.10

by admin April 20, 2007 at 11:29 am

miniTrezor creates a protected, safe store (so-called vault or trezor) for the user’s data: the data are encrypted, password protected, and physically may be stored in several copies (located on several discs, or even several computers). The size of the trezor is determined by the space available on the discs, otherwise it is capable of accommodating any number of files of any size.

You may deposit common files as well as packages in the vault (the client program may combine several files or entire directory systems into one single unit, this is what is called a package), or you may as well safekeep passwords here along with the pertaining data (username, name of the system, date of expiry, etc.). The data deposited in the trezor (vault) may be systemised as well, in so far as a directory structure may be set up in the program.

miniTrezor is a one-user application, and may only be run from one single computer. The program may be downloaded and used for private purposes free of charge.

Download: miniTrezor 2.0.10 Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista