Mobile spy software is 'a Trojan', says F-Secure

by admin March 30, 2006 at 1:50 am

Snooping is not all its capable of…

New software that hides on mobile phones and captures call logs and text messages is being sold as a way to monitor kids and spouses. But one security company calls it a Trojan horse.

The FlexiSpy application captures call logs, text messages and mobile internet activity, among other things. The software, released at the beginning of March, sells for $49.95 and is advertised by Thailand-based Vervata as a tool to monitor kids and unfaithful spouses. The data captured is sent to Vervata’s servers and is accessible to customers via a special website.

Similar surveillance software for PCs already exists and has raised the ire of groups fighting domestic violence, who fear it may be used by abusive spouses.

FlexiSpy has attracted a different kind of criticism from security company F-Secure, which has labelled the software a Trojan, or a malicious program that disguises itself as something innocuous.

Jarno Niemela wrote on the Finnish antivirus maker’s corporate blog on Wednesday: “This application installs itself without any kind of indication as to what it is. And when it is installed on the phone, it completely hides itself from the user.”

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