Mockup 0.2.0 alpha1.1

by admin October 26, 2005 at 7:06 pm

Mockup is an Open Source effort to create a desktop operating system that’s both usable and accessible.

Its core is based on a Linux kernel and software from the GNU project.
The desktop environment uses TrollTech’s Qt 4.x, the most advanced toolkit with support for OpenGL, pixel-based graphics, vector-based graphics and a powerful model-view architecture.

The so called “Linux desktop distributions” don’t fit our requirements because they are bloated and full of a lot of stuff, for example you will found too many ways of doing things with these operating systems. The lack of an integrated and unique desktop environment is a problem, successful desktop operating system (such as Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS X) have their coherent and integrated system.
Unfortunately GNOME and KDE become even more bloated with each release and they are developed for too many platforms. Unlike these projects we design both the foundation and the desktop environment, we provide coherent and lightweight applications.

Doing a lot of things on our own and focusing only on the desktop we can provide a great desktop experience based only on F/OSS software and open formats.

Download: Mockup 0.2.0 alpha1.1 | Screenshots