More Windows 7 RC1 Changes Coming, RC Release Dates Leaked

by admin March 16, 2009 at 4:52 pm

More changes including key performance improvements found in Windows 7 RC1, release dates revealed

Windows 7 RC1, according to descriptions by Microsoft, is shaping up to be very impressive. Microsoft has fixed close to 2,000 bugs based on user feedback in preparation for what may be the best Windows release to date. In our first special, we took a peek at the Windows 7 RC1 interface changes. In the second, we took a look at hardware changes and more. Now we revisit RC1 one more time to look at a few more changes Microsoft has announced, and we also follow with the release dates for the RC versions.

First up in the latest batch of RC1 changes are some more interface tweaks. When using the thumbnail overflow menus, accessed when clicking on a thumbnail of a program with multiple instances, close buttons have been added. Also, when hovering the mouse, a menu for that item appears. Another tweak is that the control panel icon, when pinned to the taskbar, now displays a list of your most recently used control panel utilities. For users looking to make use of a console, the Powershell has been greatly improved with jump lists adding a method to load modules, launch the ISE, and open documentation.

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