Moto betting on Android, Nokia to follow?

by admin September 29, 2008 at 6:46 pm

Motorola’s investment in phones based on Google’s Android will be a heavy one, says a reported source for TechCrunch. The American company has just 50 staffers refining Android for future phones but is said by a potential recruit to be swelling its ranks to include a full 350 team members and thus making a serious commitment to the open-source platform, which only just got its start this month with formal news of HTC’s T-Mobile G1.

Motorola currently uses the Linux-based MOTOMAGX and Symbian-based UIQ operating systems on some phones but has so far had little success in using these to spur new sales and avoid losing market share. The company’s smartphones have so far been limited to the more business-oriented Windows Mobile and have suffered versus the iPhone, Nokia’s Nseries hardware, and other offerings with friendlier interfaces.

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