Movie411 1.3.1

by admin May 21, 2009 at 8:30 pm

Movie411 allows you to quickly search and download movie information and DVD box art (both front and back covers). It is a very useful tool for digital movie collectors who wish to store complete details and covers for each movie. Best of all, it’s completely FREE!


· Save time by simply entering the movie name, select where to save the details, and click to download.
· Select from different online database sources.
· Collects and formats all movie information into a single, easy to read text file to store along with your digital movie file.
· Saves high-resolution cover images (back cover also available depending on the online database source).
· Quickly see a thumbnail preview of each movie by simply clicking on it in the search results list.
· Click the thumbnail preview to view the high-resolution version of the cover.

Download: Movie411 1.3.1