Movienizer 3.0 Build 123

by admin February 19, 2010 at 10:12 pm

Organize your movie collection with Movienizer for absolutely free!

Movienizer will change your world by presenting all possible information about a movie, including colorful posters, information about people such as actors and producers – all completely automatically! Read the plot and see what the movie is about, see how other people rate it, and navigate similar movies by simply clicking a mouse.

No Web site is able to keep your personal collection and your wish list the way Movienizer does. Being a free product, Movienizer is really in a class of its own!

Never allow your movies to get lost from your collection! Let Movienizer keep track of your discs and videos by keeping record on who borrowed a movie and when. That’s as simple as marking your disk as loaned, and typing in the borrower’s name!

Movienizer is Portable.

Download: Movienizer 3.0 Build 123