Mozilla Aims to Weave a New Web

by admin December 26, 2007 at 9:42 pm

Most Web browser users typically save their preferences and bookmarks locally. A new effort from Mozilla, called “Weave,” may change that using a browser-integrated set of hosted online services.

The general idea is that by utilizing a Mozilla online services backend, users can store data such as bookmarks and history. That data can be synchronized with their local browser or even multiple browsers.

Weave is currently in development in Mozilla’s Lab effort for emerging technologies, with its initial 0.1 release providing a basic set of functionality.

Synchronizing bookmarks is hardly a new concept, with popular services such as, Google Browser Sync and Apple’s .Mac services already established offerings.

The difference with Mozilla Weave is that its designers intend it to become something more than just a bookmark and history synchronization tool.

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