Mozilla Developer Reveals What Firefox 4 Holds in Store

by admin March 30, 2008 at 2:03 pm

With the release of Firefox 3 imminent, the rest of the Firefox team is cooking up some crazy ideas for Firefox 4

While Firefox 3 pushes the boundaries of a browser, delivering a cleaner graphical interface, numerous security upgrades, and a variety of new features, it still is far from the “perfect browser”. Of course no browser on the market could earn such a distinction, be it Opera’s “Kestrel” 9.5 browser, which is shaping up to be very nicely, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8, which is sure to deliver top end performance, or Apple’s Safari v3.1 browser, which although plagued with bugs of late is still one of the fastest, most compatible, browsers around.

However, perfection is exactly what Mozilla wants for its Firefox 4 browser and it intends to get it through outside the box thinking. With the release of Firefox 3 imminent, Chris Beard, VP of Labs for Mozilla, has started to talk Firefox 4. Beard is working on many features which, while their underlying components might start to pop up in Firefox 3, won’t truly see the light of day until Firefox 4.

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