Mozilla issues Firefox security warning

by admin December 13, 2005 at 10:47 am

The open source firm has played down a secuity problem with its browser and ruled out the potential of denial-of-service attacks

Mozilla issued a security advisory on Sunday acknowledging concerns about a potential flaw its Firefox 1.5 browser that could cause a buffer overflow error.

However the company browser strenuously denied that the problem would cause any lasting damage to the application insisting that it was very easy to fix.

The issue came to light last Wednesday when the first exploit code for the potential vulnerability was published.

The issue only occurs with extremely long history.dat files. If the history file gets larger than 10.5MB then the system can appear to freeze. According to Mozilla, the system is not actually frozen, but just takes some time to clear the history buffer. The company points out that all users need to do is clear out the History to cure the problem.

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