Mozilla launches Fennec milestone release for Windows Mobile

by admin February 11, 2009 at 4:10 pm

Mozilla has released a pre-alpha Windows Mobile build of its Fennec Web browser. This version, which is primarily intended for testing, is designed to run on the HTC Touch Pro.

Mozilla’s mobile Firefox browser, which is codenamed Fennec, is now available for Windows Mobile. Mozilla has released a pre-alpha test build of the Windows Mobile port for users who want to get an early look at the program. This release is designed to work on an HTC Touch Pro and might not work yet on other devices. I was unable to run it on my HTC TyTN II.

The Fennec project aims to bring the Firefox experience to mobile devices. Although Mozilla’s browser has historically been too resource-intensive to take on the mobile market, the work to reduce memory overhead for the Firefox 3 release and ongoing efforts to improve the browser’s JavaScript performance have finally made it a viable option on handhelds.

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