MP3 File Organiser Lite 1.00

by admin July 10, 2006 at 2:21 am

MP3 File Organiser is Windows application to assist you in organising your mp3 file collections on your desktop computer. The application doesn’t just organise your mp3 files, but also allows you to play them and sing a long to your favourite song with Lyric feature. The lyric text editor allows you to write the lyric in plain text or paste text from the Internet. Just a single click to listen and sing a long to the lyric viewer!

MP3 File Organiser Lite is Free of charge, you may download and use it for commercial or personal use, the only limitation is that it won’t have the full feature as the full version that is under development right now. The Lite version still will be an ongoing development with improvements as well.

Download: MP3 File Organiser Lite 1.00