MP3 Grouppie 0.9

by admin November 11, 2007 at 8:21 pm

Preview and download mp3 files from newsgroups on Usenet news servers.

Why spend time searching the web for MP3s when you could be downloading thousands of MP3s from your local news server? MP3 Grouppie makes it easy by sorting through the literally tens of thousands of articles and showing you what MP3 files are available.

With MP3 Grouppie you can listen to a preview before downloading a complete file, so you don’t waste time getting new music you don’t really like.

And since you’re downloading from a computer located at your internet service provider, instead of some unknown computer halfway around the world, your downloads always occur at the fastest possible speed, and are unaffected by internet network traffic conditions.

Never used internet news? That’s okay, because MP3 Grouppie makes it a snap. Just enter the name of your news server and then select from the list of available MP3 related newsgroups. MP3 Grouppie will get a list of the articles in the newsgroup, then summarize and display the availability of the included MP3 files.

All you have to do is select the MP3s you wish to preview or download, and Go!

Download: MP3 Grouppie 0.9