Mp3CoolPlay-X 4.3

by admin June 24, 2008 at 8:03 pm

Mp3CoolPlay-X is a media player/encoder capable of playing/encoding various types of music file formats, the build-in formats include:

MPEG music files: .mp3, .mp2, .mp1Ogg vorbis files: .ogg FastTracker modules: .xm, .modOgg, mp3 modules: .oxm, .mo3Audio CD’s: .cdaUnreal Tournament modules: .umxWave files: .wav

Mp3CoolPlay-X can also play additional formats by using decoder plugins.

Mp3CoolPlay-X is able to decode music to 32-bit sample data, this greatly enhances the audio quality and does not as easy distort DSP effects as 16-bit tends to do. Offcourse, Mp3CoolPlay-X can also be configured to play in 16-bit mode. This way it also supports older sound cards as well, Mp3CoolPlay-X auto detects if the soundcard does support 32-bit output.

Although Mp3CoolPlay-X is small in size, it has many features build in. Some nice features are a 32-bit DSP effects engine, playlist library and STDIN encoder support, using encoders you are able to convert supported files to any other encoder supported format. This also includes CD-Ripping and fomat to format encoding.

Download: Mp3CoolPlay-X 4.3