Multi Packer 2.01

by admin August 2, 2007 at 2:18 pm

With Multi Packer you can create different types of packed stand-alone applications. Depdending on the packed file types, you can choose from 3 types of packing:

– Application pack: This is for packing other applications. You can select multiple executables, dynamic link libraries [.DLL] and any other files. After that, select one main executable [by clicking the Set main .EXE button] that will be launched when the pack is launched by the user.

– WebPage pack: If you have a webpage / website and you want to transport it in a compact way, this type of pack is the option you need to select. You can pack .HTM / .HTML files and select one index file [by clicking on the Set index file button] with which the executable shall start when the pack is launched. Ofcourse, you can also include pictures of any kind, or any other files. You can also choose a caption for your \”website\”.

– Picture Slideshow: If pictures are what you want to compact, then select this option. It create a slideshow of pictures/images. The created executable is fully customizable: background color, title, items displayed, animation type, etc…

Download: Multi Packer 2.01