Multiboot ISO Maker Alpha 8

by admin April 12, 2010 at 3:12 pm

Multiboot ISO Maker is an advanced graphical front end for mkisofs.exe. It supports virtually all mkisofs.exe options available (at least with the bundled mkisofs.exe). It’s a fully integrated graphical environment that lets you turn mkisofs.exe options ON and OFF via an attractive looking GUI with a click of a button. Although using mkisofs.exe via the command line does the job just fine especially if you create a script file, sometimes there is still a need for an easy to use graphical front end. One of these cases could be when you want to work with multiple projects and have all the options displayed on screen. Well, Multiboot ISO Maker does let you work with multiple projects. It has a project manager on the left side of the screen.

Multiboot ISO Maker also lets you run pre-recorded macros that will set specific options suitable for different projects. It has a special view that shows the currently active options; it has a filter search that lets you filter the hundreds of mkisofs.exe options available and it has a “Search on the fly” search box that highlights text/options within the grid as you type. When you are ready to build your ISO, simply click the Build button. The ‘Building’ process is fully integrated within the GUI.

When you create a new project, you can either set Multiboot ISO Maker to be in charge of the project (an option for newbies) or you can be 100% in charge of the project. Multiboot ISO Maker is a cool tool and is aimed at people who are interested in creating Multiboot CDs.

Download: Multiboot ISO Maker Alpha 8 R01