Multidoc 2.0

by admin November 23, 2007 at 12:44 pm

Multidoc is a text editor. You can open menny file in same time, on the same window. The web navigator and the text editor can be use in same time(split window) or only one at time. Here is the list of functions :

– Multidoc – Text Editor
– Advanced Find (will show you every expression’s matching with the search)
– Preset (you can specify preset like signature, personal info or some text with format you use)
– FontKeper (select text, and apply the same Font, size, color to the next selected text)
– History (will save each file you open or save. it’s show in the text tools.stored in the MultiDoc.ini so you can remove old link)
– Check script {} ( Will make paragraph with all in {} and tell you if they’re is broken ({} error)
– Mode ( New mode for multidoc, 3 type of text)
– Text Mode : For the text , mode par default
– Code Mode: for code contain {} will allow you to view the braquet( {} ) .This function put in “BOLD” the 2 braquet when the TextCursor is on the possition of the first or the last. This function have not yet approved. Please report bug if you find one)
– Html Mode : For html bulding. This allow you to view the changement directly on the browser each time you press enter.
– Calc (this tools allow you to make comples calc. You can activate the function “Catch Math” this will doo the math calcul auto. Ex.: if you entrer 2+2= it will be replaced by 2+2=4 cool hum?)
– Multidoc – WebBrowser
– Snifer: This will show you each request by the curent web page. Link url, script caled or some frame url .
– Popub blocker: If the user wanth, he can block the popup or allow it.
– Real-time modify: This will alow you to modify the webpage with-out have to save it and execute it.It’s do automatic.
– Multi-Tab suport: Wou can open meny document at time like explorer7 do.but you must have the version 5.5 minimum(Internet explorer 5.5). You can have the web Browser and the text editor open in same time with a split screen. This will help you if you have to make some search on the net for the school…
– Google : We have placed a google taks bar like internet explorer or firefox. It’s buld-in.

Download: Multidoc 2.0