MyPhotoIndex 1.24.3541 Beta

by admin September 14, 2009 at 5:46 pm

The best way to organize find and share your photos

MyPhotoIndex is a free open source photo organizer. It focuses on image tagging and cataloging and offers a clear & simple user friendly interface. My Photo Index handles major file types as well as Avi clips and can read and convert RAW image formats, My Photo Index can help you hide private images from prying eyes, and let you easily share your images with family and friends.

Use My Photo Index for powerfull image sharing with unlimited possibilities, You can send images using Flickr, Facebook, IM tools or any web based email account such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Web Forums, Blogs and more. And if you’re up to it, you can even write your own custom sharing plug-in.

Put a stop to photo mess, start organizing today. My Photo Index, Is easy, fast and open source. Your Photos are now easy to find and easy to share.

The My Photo Index installation file contains only the My Photo Index application and My Photo Index supplied plug-ins, No adware, spyware or malware, nor any other hidden components.

Download: MyPhotoIndex 1.23.3361 | MyPhotoIndex 1.24.3541 Beta