Myrinix 2007.08.04

by admin August 18, 2007 at 12:17 pm

Myrinix – Digital Home Edition is a Linux based LIVE CD that aimed to be a smart and centerised OS that can implement at home. Imaging you have a Plasma TV or big LCD screen that connect to a server and you can record and play DVD from the server and surf internet with big screen. Video sharing using NX technology is also possible where you can play and watch different movies using different pc or pda at home. This CD also comes with videolan program where you can broadcast video or music throughout the network. With the help of the NX technology, you can have a diskless PC that direct connect to the server and share application and files. Therefore server can play the movie on plasma tv while you can write document with openoffice using diskless pc that connect to the server.

Myrinix – Digital Home Edition is a Bootable CD remastered by sidux (Debian sid) CD. This release comes with no developement or library files , it contains more multimedia related programs such as Kaffiene, Mplayer and more.

Supported Video – mpeg1,mpeg2, mpeg4, divx, avi, wmf, quicktime, realmovie,DVD, VCD and more

Supported Audio – wav, mp3, ogg, realaudio and more

Myrinix’s features:
– Myrinix is lightweight but full functional and compatible with all hardwares
– Easy install in windows partition. (can be archive without repartition the hard disk)
– Easy Install and run from USB Ddrive.
– Applications can be removed and added via image file without remaster
– Quick and easy install on windows partition
– Maximum Hardware support

Download: Myrinix 2007.08.04