MySpace targeted by cyber criminals

by admin July 27, 2006 at 11:45 am

That many people in one place has to be tempting…

Social networking portal MySpace is becoming a major target for cyber criminals, with credit card fraud, phishing attacks and spyware all growing concerns for users of the site.

One reason for the problems arising is the overwhelming popularity of the site which has created an ecosystem ripe for the picking by criminals, according to one security expert.

Mark Sunner, CTO of MessageLabs, told “MySpace appears to be coming under fire from all sorts of angles.

“Anywhere on the internet that you get a community you will make money. Whether it’s Amazon or eBay – or now MySpace – it will make money for its owners but it also doesn’t take the criminals long to wake up to the potential.”

And as Amazon and eBay users have been targeted, most notably by phishing scams, so Sunner says it is now the turn of MySpace.

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