Natural Word 0.9.8b

by admin December 21, 2007 at 4:00 pm

Natural Word is a simple interface into Microsoft Word that allows the user to type what they want in their own words! Rather than figuring out where options and commands are buried, type in ‘blue’, or ‘create table’, or ‘make text bigger’.

No more complex command syntax or cryptic parameter lists to memorize – Natural Word understands what the user wants in their own words! We’ve taken the time to ask users how they would tell Word what to do and created a system that understands most of what ordinary users would want. For instance, to underline text, you can type ‘underline’, ‘make the text underlined’, ‘draw a line underneath the text’, and many, many other common ways.

All you need is Microsoft Word 2000 or higher installed on a Windows operating system. Natural Word is absolutely Free.

Download: Natural Word 0.9.8b