nDroid 2.1.7

by admin February 22, 2009 at 2:23 pm

Basically a href=”http://www.codenite.com/” target=”_blank”>nDroid (Formerly known as 320MPH) is a blazing fast keyboard based application launcher. But not just that, it can open documents, play songs, open browser bookmarks, lookup web references, find torrents, do online searches, find your files .. plus a lot more.

nDroid uses an open plugin based infrastructure, so anybody can add to its functionality by bringing anything to its searchable domain, and doing anything with the result, and not just launch an application.

Forget using your mouse to fiddle with Start Menus, Application Docks and Favorites Menus. There is no need to organise your files. Just fire up nDroid and it’ll help you open them in a jiffy.

Download: nDroid 2.1.7