Nemo Fast Track Beta

by admin December 9, 2006 at 4:43 pm

Nemo Fast Track is essentially a file manager that allows you to search many files or directories very fast. Searching or browsing a CD, without the CD, is even possible.

Under the hood this works by creating a local database containing information from all files and directories within the storage device(Hard disk, CDROM, Flash etc.) such that a search can be done in the database rather than the storage device.

The search facility was designed with ergonomy in mind. It has a simple Explorer like, intuitive, quick and easy interface. For example, you only need to press the global shortcut, Alt+X, to pop up the program window. After that anything you type will auto initiate a search for matching files and folders.

To make sure you came across the right file you can use the quick preview panel that supports many file types like media player files, web pages, image files, plain text, zip files, etc. and the most common electronic document formats like PDF, MS Word and MS Excel.

As a file manager it supports bookmarking as well as commenting of offline files. A quick filter lets you locate your files by extension or character match. An encryption, file splitting and instant folder locking utility is provided(note that these suit medium level security requirements only). An automatic backup facility can store several versions of your documents in a seperate folder for later retrieval or for comparison purposes.

Further enhancements include a calendar and memo displayed directly on your wallpaper, a utility to hide your sensible drives from Windows Explorer and the ability to change folder icons individually.

Download: Nemo Fast Track Beta