by admin December 21, 2006 at 9:57 am

NetGraph is a network monitoring tool with a very small footprint. It shows a graph of your incoming and outgoing network activity on a selected network connection in realtime. Unlike some monstrous packages full with useless stuff this program is designed to be very light and to stand off your way. There is also a daily traffic log which you can use to track your daily traffic.

Below is a list of some features of NetGraph:
?Ǭ? Works on any windows network connection (ehernet, dialup, wireless)
?Ǭ? Option to move away from the mouse so areas below graph are accessible
?Ǭ? Transparency suport
?Ǭ? Draggable and resizable graph
?Ǭ? 4 mode Tray indicator – 2 snapshot modes and 2 graph modes
?Ǭ? Auto-Hide capability when no traffic (Shows when trafic occurs)
?Ǭ? Automatic and manual mode Graph axis scalling
?Ǭ? Incoming and outgoing graph scale balancing
?Ǭ? Automatic graph detail resolution – the bigger the graph the more details it shows
?Ǭ? Mouse pointer position in the graph hint showing measure in pandwidth for this point (only shown in larger graph window size)
?Ǭ? Traffic counters
?Ǭ? Daily transfer log

Download: NetGraph