Network Digger 1.5

by admin April 2, 2008 at 1:03 pm

Network Digger is a Windows based Packet sniffer an Network analyzer, a revolutionary new network management tool designed from the ground up with ease and functionality in mind.

Network Digger aids at monitoring network traffic in order to recognize and decode certain packets of interest. Network Digger puts your Network adapter into listening mode, capturing everything that travels through the Network.

This can help you solve network bottlenecks or spot illegitimate activity like crack attacks, Spyware, and other sort of malicious, unormal Traffic.

Key Features:

– Simple network sniffer/packet capturing tool.
– Intuitive user interface.
– Can detect OS’s, sessions, hostnames, open ports etc.
– Does overload traffic on the network.
– Can also parse PCAP files for off-line analysis.

Download: Network Digger 1.5