New browser gives taste of Web 2.0

by admin October 21, 2005 at 11:30 am

A small team of developers in California on Friday launched a cutting-edge Firefox-based Web browser dubbed Flock, which integrates next-generation Web technologies such as RSS content feeds, blogs and bookmark and photo sharing.

The team of developers was spearheaded by Bart Decrem, who is well known in the open-source community due to his involvement in the Mozilla Foundation and his ill-fated start-up Eazel, which from 1999 until its demise in 2001 aimed to bring greater usability features to the Linux desktop.

“Indeed the time is upon us,” wrote Flock co-founder Geoffrey Arone on his blog shortly before the release. “We are gearing up to allow public, unrestricted downloads of the Flock browser within the next couple of hours.”

“Please note that this is a developer preview and that there are still plenty of bugs, many of which we are aware of.”

The public unveiling comes after Decrem this week e-mailed invitations to try his new software to a select group of recipients who had previously registered their addresses on the project’s Web site. The round of invitations was the third to be issued for the software during its development.

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