New Longhorn Server test build released; Beta 3 up next

by admin February 19, 2007 at 12:03 pm

It’s not yet Beta 3, but the newest test build of Windows Server Longhorn was released to a select group on February 16.

Microsoft made the private February Community Technology Preview (CTP) build of Longhorn Server available for download via Microsoft Connect. The newest build is Number 6001.16461.070209-1510.

The February CTP will be the first Windows Server release to have the firewall on by default, according to testers. When upgrading, if a machine’s firewall was initially turned off, it will remain off after the upgrade. But the main Longhorn Server roles (Active Directory Domain Controller, DHCP Server, DNS Server, IIS Web Server, Terminal Services, Distributed File System, File and Printer Sharing and Identity Management Server for Unix) will work out of the box with the Longhorn Server firewall on by default, according to the Softies.

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