New York Times API Coming

by admin May 26, 2008 at 8:16 pm

As print circulation continues its slide at most newspapers, one of the United States’ most respect the New York Times is taking steps to boost online readership. The paper is already the third most cited web site on Techmeme, and the first on Memeorandum, proving that bloggers at least pay attention to its reporting. Now, the the Grey Lady is working on an API that aims to make the entire newspaper “programmable.”

In addition to the API, New York Times CTO Marc Frons told that internal developers at the paper will use the platform to organize structured data on the site. Following that, the paper plans to offer developer keys to the API allowing programmers to more easily mash up the paper’s structured content — reviews, event listings, recipes, etc. “The plan is definitely to open [the code] up,” Frons said. “How far we don’t know.”

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