NewsBliss 2.2.6

by admin July 9, 2007 at 7:28 pm

NewsBliss is truly the next generation in Media RSS Streamers. It accesses rich content from Web sites and displays it directly on your PC seamlessly and plays videos or podcasts with only one-click! It is an online, real-time reader of “RSS” files supplied by your Web site, or a mix of internal and external sites. These files can be textual, images, podcasts or internet videos.

Whether the news source is the Yahoo, Google, CNET or YouTube, NewsBliss captures and displays filtered, vital content at the speed of the Net. NewsBliss utilizes Media RSS format and is available at websites such as Google, Apple, Flickr, or YouTube.

The future is now. NewsBliss manages your precious time and news feeds in the most proficient manner possible.

Download: NewsBliss 2.2.6