Nexus One Google Phone: Sorting Fact From Fiction

by admin December 14, 2009 at 7:10 pm

The amount of information that has hit the Internet about the Nexus One Google Phone is bordering on the ridiculous. Not all of it is accurate. Here’s a quick look at what’s real and what’s not.

Today, the Federal Communications Commission added some much-needed clarity onto the whole Google Phone craze. It has publicly approved a device made by HTC with the Nexus One name for use in the U.S. Because the FCC is the FCC, we know what it has published is the truth. The truths it reveals are these: the Nexus One will support T-Mobile’s 3G network, and have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a mircoSD card slot, and it supports other GSM frequencies. That means this phone is not going to work with Sprint, Verizon, and others’ wireless networks.

This information alone paints a somewhat clearer picture of what’s going on here. That the device will only be supporting T-Mobile’s 3G network makes sense, as Google has favored T-Mobile with its Android strategy to-date. The Google Phone — which is a complete misnomer, by the way — will NOT work with AT&T’s 3G network.

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