NexusTextView 1.0 RC1

by admin January 16, 2008 at 2:17 pm

NexusTextView is a small, simple and fast text/source viewer for Windows. Don’t open an heavy editor program only for viewing text/source files any more.

Main features:
– Syntax Highlighting: supports C/C++, CS, CSS, HTML, JS, PAS, PHP, SMI, TCL, JAVA languages. And users can add more languages with syntax file.
– Save as HTML: save as html just like you can see with syntax highlighting on NXTextViewer
– Bookmark: supports bookmarks so you can go to specific line at once
– Auto Scroll: users don’t need to scroll manually. users can only ‘read’.
– Bitmap Fonts: supports TrueType and Bitmap fonts.
– Hex Mode:: supports HEX view mode to see binary files.

Download: NexusTextView 1.0 RC1