Nintendo Launches DSI

by admin April 5, 2009 at 6:42 pm

Jacksonville – Nintendo’s latest brainchild, the Dsi, hits shelves April 5th in America. The new handheld console has been available in Europe since April 3rd of this year; it was released in Japan in November and has since sold roughly 2 million units in that country.

Nintendo has always been an innovator in gameplay rather than graphics, bringing us such interactive hits as the original Gameboy, the DSL and the Wii (and a handful of misses; who else remembers that clunky PowerGlove?)

The DSi continues in this practice and is, for the most part, a hit. The DSi is an upgrade of the DS, as opposed to a whole new console. Structurally it is much the same as the DSL, with two screens and a stylus, and it has a slot for DSL games. The DSi is slightly thinner (enough so that you can slip it into your pocket) and the screens are about a quarter-inch larger. The DSi’s real advantages are the interactive features.

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