No WinPwn for iPhone OS 2.1 yet – but promised soon

by admin September 15, 2008 at 9:22 pm

iPhone 2G and 3G “jailbreak” addicts keen to move to Apple’s iPhone OS 2.1 can already do so on the Mac, but Windows users are patiently awaiting a new version of WinPwn to do so. While it’s not yet available, its author promises delivery “soon”.

If you’ve been desperate to upgrade your iPhone 2G or 3G to the latest iPhone OS 2.1, well, you’ve been able to do that since last Friday.

But iPhone 3G owners who want to jailbreak their phones to run unauthorised third-party programs, and iPhone 2G owners who want to do the same, but also unlock their iPhones, can only do so currently with easy-to-use software if they’ve got access to a Mac.

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