Nokia Gives Ovi Maps New Direction — Free Navigation Forever

by admin January 21, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Some would argue that Google Maps navigation is a “killer app” on their Android handset. That makes me wonder if Nokia’s Ovi Maps would then be deemed a “killer app killer” — the handset maker today announced free map navigation (both walk and drive) forever on Nokia handsets. Google Maps is free, you say? Sure it is, but Nokia is one-upping the freeness with offline usefulness. And not just on one subset of devices either. The free navigation service is initially available on 10 different models with detailed maps in over 180 countries. Nokia also claims that their hybrid-vector mapping system uses 10 times less bandwidth than Google’s, which is a carrier’s dream. And the ability to use the navigation features even while offline keeps the consumer happy, too.

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