by admin October 12, 2006 at 12:12 pm

nPad2 offers basically the same functionality as ConText, JediEdit, UltraEdit etc. but for a single file and does it much faster.

– unicode support
– large file support up to 2GB
– one of the fastests and lightest in it’s class
– capable of integration with windows explorer
– syntax highligh (HTML, PHP, ASP, C++, Object Pascal, Java, Basic, CSS, JavaScript, SQL)
– highlights all HTML, ASP, PHP, JavaScript and SCC in a single CGI Script
– stay On Top
– Single instance – multiple editors
– Accepts files dragged form Explorer
– Open multiple files (from commandline or DragDrop)
– RegExp search/replace
– Slots for saving (to own database)
<- Logging mode(automatically refresh if file has changed) available
– Custom highlighter color schemes
– Bracket highlighting

Download. nPad2