Nutshell 1.1

by admin March 11, 2006 at 3:45 pm

Nutshell is an application designed to retrieve web content via the RSS format. With Nutshell, you can receive content from your favorite news, entertainment, and weblog sites – whenever they are updated.


Subscribe to Any RSS Channel
Start with the built in channel list, or start fresh and add your favorite channels. All RSS versions are supported.

Unique Display
Break away from the Email-Client-Style RSS readers, experience an elegant and highly useable interface. Download Skins for your application – including XSL stylesheet support for web elements.

It Has a Ticker!
If you like that sort of thing, stream headlines to a Ticker Bar at the top of your screen. Fully skinable. Includes several Text Effects for scrolling and fading.

Multiple User Support
Create a Profile for each User in your household. Alternately, create profiles to further separate your own channels.

Organize Your Channels
Sort your channel list into groups and tag your favorite items for easy access. Search items by attribute, or do a real-time-text search.

Customize Your Channels
Set individual refresh rates and expiration dates. Allow Channels to notify you when new items are downloaded.

Many Other Useful Features
Import/Export OPML channel lists from the web or other programs; Automatically retrieve notification of program updates and channels of interest.

Download: Nutshell 1.1 Windows 98/2000/XP