NVIDIA axes nForce chipsets during Intel dispute

by admin October 9, 2009 at 3:46 pm

NVIDIA says suit prevents nForce sales

NVIDIA late Wednesday said it would “postpone” any future nForce mainboard chipsets until an end is reached in the countering lawsuits between itself and Intel. As Intel alleges that NVIDIA’s license doesn’t cover chipsets for processors with an integrated memory controller, such as all Core i5/i7 and some newer Atom processors, NVIDIA claims that it has no choice but to freeze development of future nForce chipsets until Intel’s “unfair business tactics” are either halted or cleared in court.

Although it’s not affected by the lawsuit, NVIDIA’s nForce platform for AMD-based systems is also being frozen, the company told PCMag. It additionally promised that any Intel platforms that still use a separate memory controller, like Core 2 chips, will still get new chipsets.

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